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Veeva Construction

Design & Build

We provide comprehensive services for your project from start to finish. Designing from the start is one way we ensure success for your endeavor.

Kitchen Remodeling

From a minor facelift to
a full-scale remodel, we
can help you breathe new
life into your kitchen with
a stunning design.

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you want minor upgrades or a complete remodel, bathroom design is more complex than other rooms in the home.

Drywall Remodeling

Drywall can be damaged in a variety of ways – from accidental bumps and pet scratches through foundation movement and water damage.


At ViVa Home, in Elmhurst New York, we work with people in the Greater New York City area with new construction and room additions.

Organizational Construction

Need more room in your space?  Adding organizational elements to your current rooms and closets can make a huge difference in your lifestyle.

How We

Our quotes are based on materials you actually want to use in your project. We ensure the building materials we install are the ones you want.

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