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Bathroom Remodel

New York Bathroom RemodelWhether you want minor upgrades or a complete remodel, bathroom design is more complex than other rooms in the home. Veeva Construction is a New York design-build company that understands every square foot is critical in the bathroom design process. Our professional assistance helps you achieve a unique bathroom design that will exceed your expectations.

Computer Aided Design

We will work with you to bring to create a three-dimensional view of your bathroom remodeling plans. Using CAD, we will revise plans until we have created a design that matches your desires, from the fixtures installed to the final coat of paint on the walls.

  • Budgeting – Veeva Construction will help you design and build a bathroom without breaking the bank. To do so, we will use your projected budget as a guide for developing the bathroom remodeling plans.
  • Structural Design – We can move or remove existing walls or build new ones to achieve the feel and size you want, and show you how it will look before beginning construction.
  • Contents – We will reuse or replace your cabinets, countertops and other bathroom contents at your discretion.
  • Fixtures and Finishes – From shower accessories to ventilation, we will assist with selecting the perfect finishing to complement the bathroom design, including tile, paint colors, plumbing and more.

Materials Selection

ViVa Home 2 our subsidiary works with an extensive list of New York vendors to give you more selection for bathroom remodeling. Whether your goal is something basic or stylishly functional, or even if you want to reproduce a bathroom you’ve seen somewhere else, we will assist you in getting every detail just the way you want it.

  • Counters – From conventional countertops like Formica to specialty surfaces like quartz, granite, or natural stone.
  • Cabinets – We can modify and renovate existing cabinets or install new ones. If your cabinets need a new coat of paint or new drawers and hardware, ViVa Home has you covered.
  • Flooring – From ceramic tile to vinyl flooring, we can install it all, even specialty woods and stone.