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How We Work

How We Work

Veeva Construction estimate is based on materials you actually want to use in your project. We start by figuring out the cost of your materials and allowance items. How? We can source for you the materials that you need.

Here is how a kitchen remodel works:

  1. Visit us at our showrooms to look at choices in plumbing fixtures, cabinets, appliances, flooring, countertops and electrical supplies. We have it all.
  2. We help you make choices. For example, at the plumbing supply you will choose your faucet, sink and garbage disposal. Then you will have the option to decide if you want extras like a soap dispenser or water filtration added.
  3. We will take the cost of your choices and make an estimate for your project based on what you really want to use rather than a general estimate that might not accurately reflect your final project cost.

Why We Work this Way:

  • No estimate will be accurate unless it includes your actual choices for materials.
  • We want to give you an accurate estimate. Many of our competitors give unrealistic estimates because they use a lower cost of materials than you will actually want in your project.

Here are some examples:

Tile Choice Change:

A company can give you an allowance of $3.00 a square foot for tile.  You may not really know how much different kinds of tiles cost and assume this will be the quality you want.  However, when you actually look at tiles, you realize the tile you really like is $4.40 a square foot.  Since you are having 1000 square feet of tile installed, the contractor then tells you that you will need to pay an additional $1,400 for choosing a premium tile, not to mention tax and any extra overhead or markup that might be in their contract.

Underestimating Cabinet Costs:

Some of our competitors give a cabinet allowance of around $250 a linear foot.  While that makes estimating easier, it is unrealistic because cabinet prices vary widely.  It is not really possible to realistically price cabinets by the linear foot.

If your contractor only estimates cabinet costs by the linear foot, you may end up having to pay thousands of dollars more on your cabinets than you expected because that contractor did not price accurately before you signed your contract. We don’t want our customers to be subjected to having to pay more than they expected. That is why we price of cabinets using a 2020 kitchen CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) system. With 2020CAD, we can give you an accurate estimated price.

Going Over Project Estimate:

While a contractor’s estimate may be low, their final bill may not be.  When you add on overages on flooring, plumbing, cabinets, lighting and countertops, you may soon find that the final project is thousands of dollars more than the estimate. Yet, if you are in the middle of the project, you won’t be able to stop. Moreover, if your project was bank financed, you may have to pay these extra costs from your own pocket.

At Veeva Construction we don’t think anyone should face this type of abuse that happens all too frequently in home remodeling.

How Veeva Construction Handles Allowances

Our method for handling allowances saves you from both surprise and out of pocket expenses. After you pick out your materials, we find out our
Builder’s price for that item and tell you.  If it is in budget and you approve the cost, we add that to your estimate as an allowance item.

We never mark-up the cost of your items like some companies do. We only charge you the actual price we pay.  Moreover, we provide you with an original invoice to prove it.

About Design Service and Professional Blueprints

At Veeva Construction, you have the option to have a professional cad design to pull out a permit or just a 3d cad design for design purposes.We offer Design-Build Remodeling. That means we offer in-house created designs and professional blueprints so that your project can be done faster and at a lower, fixed-rate cost.

Unfortunately, other designers, contractors and architects sometimes take advantage of homeowners by giving them inadequate drawings that aren’t fit to complete the project. When you return to ask for more, they may ask for additional charges, or tell you they don’t have anything else.  If you do have drawings done by someone else, be sure they give you a fixed price for a full set which can be used not only for estimating, but also for permits and building.

What Does a Complete Design Drawing Include?

  • Original home floor plans showing all plumbing.
  • New floor plan of remodeling showing plumbing, walls and cabinets.
  • Electrical plan showing the placement of electrical panel, new outlets, lighting, smoke detectors and fans.
  • Framing plan to show layouts of walls, flooring joists and ceilings.

New additions also require:

  • New roof plan layout.
  • Plot plan showing property lines and original house along with addition.
  • Foundation plan required for structural engineering approval.