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Room Additions

Room additions can be quite challenging and can greatly increase the value of a house. At Veeva Construction we work with our customers from obtaining a work permit to hiring an architect or an engineer we have it all here to provide you all required services at one stop. The expansions usually include new plumbing, wiring and roofing in addition to flooring and walls.
We give all of our clients a 3D rendering of their remodeling project to give them an idea of the finished product. We make adjustments and show homeowners how and where they can save money on the room additions and overall remodeling costs. We also work with architects and/or designers with whom the client has consulted. The end result is to provide clients with their desired results and the best value for their investment.

Room additions and expansionsNew York Room Additions

Added rooms generally include:

  • Master bedroom with bathroom
  • Home offices and studies
  • Mother-in-law or guest suite
  • Kitchen and bathroom expansions and remodels
  • Outdoor kitchens with expanded patio areas
  • Pool houses
  • Second stories with new bedrooms and bathrooms

Most room additions include new wiring that must be installed by professional electricians. When required, new plumbing pipes and fixtures must be professionally installed. Licensed roofers install the new roof to blend with the old one. We try to work quickly with our subcontractors during the day when homeowners are not using facilities. Every effort is made to do room additions and remodeling work during a time when children can be at school or away on vacation.


We want our clients to be more than satisfied with the results. The finished project must meet their expectations. That is why we work closely with clients through the entire construction process, even making changes when needed as work progresses.

Expanding your home with a new room is a major investment in your property and we want you to enjoy it for many years.